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English Cows Dance While German Cows Fart

German cows nearly blew the roof off their barn by creating a build up of methane gas! Associated Press (Berlin).

I wonder, could it have been just one German cow :)

Farting Cow

Apparently, 90 cows were housed in the shed in Rasdorf, and because of the combination of cattle belching plus their uncontrollable flatulence, a major amount of methane was releases in the confinement of the barn?

Perhaps they need more fresh air and be given the opportunity to dance in the fields.  See the video below of the English cows happily dancing.

With the fact that the German cows created havoc with their flatulence, this is likely to bring a new concern for farmers around the world …. on how do they protect their outhouses and barns from the elements, of this sort?

For more information on this subject, visit http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/flatulate

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“In 2003, the government of New Zealand proposed a flatulence tax, which was not adopted because of public protest.”    Is this a joke, or is it not?   LOL