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How to Speak German for Beginners-3 Methods

A ‘how to speak German for beginners course’ is not difficult to find if you are determined enough to learn the German language. Just as with learning any foreign language, you can do it via many routes including local evening classes, private lessons, to online courses.

German for beginnersYou also need to form a new habit.  The habit of learning a few simple German phrases or words a day.

Your desire to learn a new language will only succeed when you have consistent determination and create a new habit.

(Did you know that after just 30 days of following a new habit, it becomes very difficult to change that habit?)

OK, let’s consider some of your options on how to start learning German and where to go to learn German.

Firstly, you could choose evening classes and with that thought, here are some questions you should ask yourself.

The cost!  Taking into account the cost of the German language course and then add to that the cost of traveling to it each week.  It can be quite expensive.

How long does it take to lear German, will also be a question you have to consider, when looking at the cost.

Then you have to consider if can you spare the time for the evening classes every week, knowing that if you miss one week, it could be quite difficult to catch up with the other students?   What happens if your child is poorly on the night of the evening class, would you really want to go?

Finally, there is the weather in the winter with the thought of driving through rain and snow!   Would you want to go out in the dark evenings and all weathers, to go to a German evening class?

On the other hand, if you actually live in Germany and it is from there that you are wanting to learn German, then you have the advantage.   You have the opportunity of being able to get together with other expats in the community and start up a language group, exchanging lessons with a group of German people, who want to learn English. This is a great way for beginners to learn any language as you would not be intimidated by your lack of knowledge, due to the fact that there will be many people in the same position as yourselves.

Apart from exchange groups, you could also enroll in a local German language course which would be more geared to your everyday needs.

However, if you don’t live in the country, you can find many online courses which will help you to start learning German.

Yes, there is a lot of free information online which will help you to get started but then it makes more sense to learn from an organized and established German language program.  With such a program, you will be taken through a structured course which will enable you to grasp the language much quicker.

Benefits of a how to speak German for beginners course include …

  • repetition of common conversational German phrases, such as
  • daily greetings,
  • introducing yourself and asking for their names,
  • where you come from,
  • where you live now,

and other basics, such as the days of the week and numbers as well as learning how to order drinks or food in a restaurant,  are all part of a beginners course.

These phrases can become tedious but without the practice required, they would soon be forgotten. By learning a few basic German phrases at a time, from a beginners course, you would soon build up a grasp of the German language.

Let’s look at the option of finding a German tutor for one to one private lessons. The advantage of this option is that you would have a professional to help you from day one. They would guide you with the a to z in pronunciation and correct you immediately you made a mistake. They would also enlighten you with German facts and news.

However, the of the main questions you would have to ask yourself is, how much is German tutor going to cost you?   No doubt  you would need several lessons and overall this could be an expensive way of learning to speak German for beginners. On the down side, it’s possible that you may not connect with the tutor and as a result, you would be wasting your money.

With an online German language course, you will be able to start speaking German from the very first day of the free trial, according to the testimonial on this page and the points they mention. A program trial is important because if you don’t like it, you just return it and get a refund.  In the final analysis we can all learn how to speak German for beginners via different methods.

German Songs With Lyrics – Helene Fischer with German Translation to Ave Maria

German songs and especially with lyrics is an enjoyable way to learn the German language.  The following video of Helene Fischer singing Ave Maria, has German lyrics with English translation. This could be a start for you and if you like this method of learning a language, added to any other program that you are using, then it could elevate your being able to speak the language rapidly.

What a beautiful voice she has too. This is the first time I have heard Helene Fischer singing and I loved it. I feel pretty sure you will too.

Years ago, when I was trying to learn Italian, I often wished that there were some songs I could add to the mix. That was before YouTube :) Thank goodness for YouTube!

I really feel that using German songs with lyrics is a brilliant tool for all those who want to progress with learning the German language.